Alex Morgan, November 2012
"Very happy with tuition both for my daughter (age 9) and myself, we've learnt a lot with David and it's really good fun! Studio is comfortable and friendly with space for a parent to stay and watch. Would recommend!"

Broujam, October 2012
"I went to Dave as a complete novice not ever picking a guitar up!!! He teaches in a way that suited my learning abilities, without adding pressure to get it right.... He covers a wide variety of styles so you can try out different playing techniques and can work with you through your grades. He teaches in a relaxed environment, offering a lot of encouragement and support. I would definitely recommend Dave to anybody, at any level of guitar playing."

Neil, March 2012
"I've been taking guitar lessons with David for 2 years now, and feel I've made really good progress. David takes things at your own pace, explains things clearly & is always very encouraging. He has a wide range of books & materials to support your lessons, covering a variety of styles & supporting exam grades. For complete beginners he has a range of guitars for you to use in your lessons until you feel ready to take the plunge and buy your own. Good teacher with a good setup. Happy customer."

Good Guitar teacher
My brother and I have been going to David Squire 10 years. He is an amazingly patient, generous and interested tutor who wants you to learn to play the guitar at your own pace and in the style of your chosing. Learning to play the acoustic, bass and electric guitar has been fun especially as there is airconditioning in the room for when the days get hot. He has also taught us how to read sheet music. You couold do no better than to be taught by him. 
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